Citizen Band (CB) Radio and How It Works

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Although they are not as popular today as they were in the ’70s when almost everyone had them in their cars, trucks and boats, citizens band (CB) radios are still popular and useful for easy two-way communication when on the move.

CB radios are bona fide radio receivers and transmitters. In the United States, they operate within the 27-MHz or 11-meter band, and users can transmit and receive voice communications on 40 different channels. These channels can be shared by multiple users, and in certain urban areas, it is common to hear many people talking back Read the rest of this entry »

How A Radio Works And Picks Up Signals

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Radio waves are a very important part of how people communicate today and are used for radio signals, cellular phones and even satellite communications. However, the basic radio technology used to operate these devices is simple in nature and was discovered in 1888. It moved sound (and later image) transmission into the wireless realm, and can be used for broadcasting down the street or into space to communicate with satellites across the solar system. Now we use radio waves for nearly-instantaneous transmission of high-quality media all over the world using digital instead of analog technology.

Radio technology uses electromagnetic Read the rest of this entry »

What is Satellite-Based Radio and How Does It Work?

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The modern world has experienced the technological shift of many forms of communication and entertainment technologies. One only has to look at the radical changes that music and music playing devices have undergone in previous years to see the radical change technology has brought. This is especially true when one considers the massive shift that has occurred in radio technology. For as long as radio has existed the transmission of the radio signal has been a terrestrial matter. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Buy Satellite Radio?

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If you’ve got high speed internet service you’ve likely been using Pandora or some other online radio company. Why would you pay for satellite radio? We’ve got a top three benefits list of satellite radio that may have you rethinking whether or not this service is a luxury.
Customization: One thing that’s great about satellite radio is the level of personalization. With stations as dialed down as they come you can peg comedy, country and even reggae as favorites to listen to time and again.
No Commercials: Even free online radio providers aren’t commercial free, but satellite radio is. If you’ve got a business or simply hate commercials consider getting satellite a good investment for your time and a way to avoid even more marketing messages than you already get.
Great Giftability: Let’s say you just can’t bring yourself to get satellite but you want to gift it to someone less technologically inclined than yourself. Your parents and older family will love the familiarity and won’t have any trouble at all learning to use it. That’s the best benefit of satellite.

The Legal Ramifications of Payola Radio

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The Legal Ramifications of Payola Radio

Payola radio has been in play since time immemorial. According to the US law it is defined to be the illegal practice of payment by recording companies so that music radio is broadcasted in favor of this. In the event the song is presented as being part of daily normal broadcast that has advantage of marketing the artists. It is was put into realm that a radio station can play a song in exchange for money, but it must be disclosed on air as sponsored airtime.

In brief, when Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Ways To Advertise Your Podcast

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Adam Carolla and Bill Simmons have shown people what kind of success you can have by producing a podcast. Carolla went from being an unemployed radio host to being the most downloaded podcast producer on the internet. He has even proven that you can make revenue off of a podcast through advertising if you get enough listeners and it is definitely a great way to get people to come to your live events when you are on the road whether you perform comedy or you are a musician. Didn’t catch that? This explains it. The podcast is relatively new and people didn’t know what to think Read the rest of this entry »

How To Make Your Own Podcast Cheaply

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It’s a great endeavor to try and start podcasting. The fear of starting businesses is always the lack of capital, but usually for many internet based businesses the needed capital is negligible as long as you know where to look. Similarly, podcasting is a cheap program to kick start from nothing, so long as you know you have a voice that drives people nuts. If you think this is you, then the secret is right in front of your eyeballs in becoming the next great talk show host that people have been missing for decades.

A Read the rest of this entry »

The Basics of Podcasting and What It Is

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Podcasting is a means of sharing recorded information that can be heard over a portable device like a cell phone, MP3 player or computer.
This is an effective way of recording and transmitting speeches or conversations, for education and/or entertainment to an audience. The great thing about the Podcasts is that they are easily recorded using the built in recorder on a computer, many free voice and audio recording programs, or simply on a device set up for voice recording.
The sound quality of the Podcast will vary based on the Read the rest of this entry »